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It will be impossible to find any similar rod of this FLOATANIA... totally new and original action and design!!

If you are a North American angler, you'll be surprised at this rod's power and its fast yet progressive action.
This rod is perfect for huge salmon, not small one. You can stop monster's run with its overwhelmingly strong butt.

However, you should not imagine that this rod is a just stiff rod. In fact, you will find this rod shows amazingly beautiful curve. This offers more joy of fish playing, as if you were using a fixed line rod. We recommend that you don't let your line go a lot, but stop it and bend this rod more! The power of its butt will stop any monster and you 'll feel the beat of it directly... super fun!

Here in Japan, salmon fishing is done only in limited area, which means anglers must catch fish without letting them run, by using strong rods.

The FLOATANIA has very strong butt yet its tip is sensitive enough to enable fish to bite your bait without doubt and to detect small bite when used as a spinning rod. In Japan, spinning is so popular that we could not ignore this when making this new float rod, that is, this rod is designed to work perfectly as a spinning rod too.

Fishing travel or expedition is getting more and more popular. As you know,when traveling,there is a limit to the number of the rods you can have.This needs the rod to be more reliable and to have good mobility.

Anglers have been made believe that multi-piece rods cannot exceed traditional 2 or 3 section rods,but this is a thing of the past.Now as a Japanese brand,we can supply our highest quality 5 section float rod, the FLOATANIA -travel buddy-.

This rod will never be contented with usage as a "sub" rod. Of course the construction of 5 sections is great for expedition,but you will find its distinguished mobility also come in handy for usual angling, forgetting that this rod is multi-piece rod by its precise joints and superb bending curve.

Again, this rod is totally new and original, you will find a lot of new joy, entering a new world with this new rod!


• Totally new and original. Multi purpose rod that works as a float, spinning and ISO rod.
• 5 sections "TRAVEL BUDDY"concept - the transport length is 91cm! Perfect portability for fishing travel
•  Incredibly strong high modulus Toray 40t carbon blank
•  The size of guides starts from 6mm to prevent the freeze of the guides
•  Rubber cork fore grip with up-locking screw Fuji DPS reel seat perfect for centerpin reel
•  Reinforced by stylish woven carbon on the butt section
•  Powerful butt blank perfect for huge salmon
•  Fast yet progressive action that offer superb float and lure control with more joy of fish playing
•  High quality Fuji components
•  Beautiful bending curve and high strength with precise put-over joints
•  Supplied with special carrying bag
•  Guide ring size 6mm (Top) / 6mm / 6mm / 6mm / 6mm / 6mm / 6mm / 6mm / 6mm / 7mm / 8mm / 12mm / 16mm / 25mm (Butt guide)


• Total length / 4.3m
• Sections / 5
• Weight / 278g
• Transport length / 91cm
• Tip/Butt diameter 1.7mm/13mm
• Casting weight Up to 30g (this is for lure casting. If you use bait and cast slowly, up to 60g or more)
• Carbon 99%
• Fuji SiC PMNST + K guides
• Reel seat Fuji DPS
• Butt rubber end Fuji BRC19