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Nile perch on EQUES expedition rod

EQUES TRAVEL BUDDY 9ft 3pc - Specially developed for uncompromising monster fish ; Wels catfish, Arapaima, Pangasianodon gigas, Tuna and GT...

In Japan,fishing travel or expedition is getting more and more popular.As you know,when traveling,there is a limit to the number of the rods you can have.This needs the rod to be more reliable and to have good mobility.

Anglers have been made believe that multi-piece rods cannot exceed traditional 1 or 2 section rods,but this is a thing of the past.Now as a Japanese brand,we can supply our highest quality 3 section rod for catfish/GT, the EQUES -travel buddy-.

This rod will never be contented with usage as a "sub" rod.Of course the construction of 3 sections is great for expedition,but you will find its superb mobility also come in handy for usual angling.

The EQUES is designed as a real all-rounder,for various monsters,such as wels catfish,arapaima,tuna and GT.

As for the wels catfish,Yuri Grisendi,one of the most famous and experienced catfish expert tested this rod with Italian monster wels catfish.With a total length of 2.7m, the rod is suitable for both of bank fishing & boat fishing,and both of bait fishing & spinning.Thanks to its high modulus carbon,it enables the angler to cast a heavy lure over 120 yards.

What is making the rod one of the "Travel Buddy" series is the superb mobility because of its 3 sections design.In fact, its transport length is only 96.5cm! With the EQUES, fishing trip will be much more comfortable.

Despite its incredible strength, the high quality carbon blank is lightweight and prevents an angler's tiredness due to keep casting for a long time especially when spinning. The special arrangement of the big diameter Fuji MNSG SiC rings enables thick mono line to be used without the reduction of casting distance.
A fixed spool reel can be held tightly and securely in the Fuji DPS reel holder and the Fuji "Lock nut".
The Fuji "GRC" butt cap can be used as a gimbal.Everything is for the fight with monster.


• Multi purpose heavy duty rod for monster wels catfish,arapaima,tuna and GT
• 3 sections "TRAVEL BUDDY"concept - the transport length is shorter than 1m! Perfect portability for fishing travel
• Incredibly strong high modulus carbon blank reinforced by stylish woven carbon on all the sections
• Powerful butt blanks with excellent casting ability enables an angler to cast a lure over 120 yards
• Fuji PMNST+PMNSG SiC guides - Perfect for thick mono line
• Fuji GRC butt end cap
• Beautiful bending curve with put-over joint (#1/#2) and put-in joint (#2/#3)
• Supplied with durable 1680D rod bag
• Total length of grip 920mm
• The length between butt end & the center of reel seat 540mm
• Fore grip length 315mm
• Guide ring size 16mm (Top) / 16mm / 16mm / 20mm / 25mm / 30mm / 40mm(Butt guide, reverse setting)
• Reel seat Fuji DPS22 (length of metal spacer/40mm)


• Total length 2.7m
• Sections 3
• Weight 435g
• Transport length 96.5cm
• Tip/Butt diameter 3.2mm/20.6mm(3rd section),16.5mm(Butt diameter of 2nd section)
• Casting weight Up to 150g(when spinning) /200g and more(when catfishing with bait)
• ​Line 40-80lb
• Carbon 99%