ANTELOPE 4.1m 3.75lb 4pc - JAPAN QUALITY Flagship carp rod

The length of 13ft 6in (4.1m)

Most of the "long" carp rods on the market have been 13ft.
However, there are certain situation where a longer rod is absolutely needed.
Longer rods simply help you to cast further. You will cast much better with this 13ft6in rod in comparison to a classic 12 or 13 ft carp rod.
With a longer rod you can also apply side strain more effectively during a fight.
The extra long rod is also perfect for weedy & snaggy venues.

4 piece construction

Our "traditional" 4 section carp rod - The battle between ease of transport and rod performance was ended by our 4 section carp rods.
As well as our former model, "BUDDY" and our first carp rod "TRAVELLER4", the Antelope is a four piece rod designed to offer the same performance as a two piece rod without the bulk.
You don't need to sacrifice anything in terms of rod performance or action thanks to our preceisely calculated rod design and accurate joint technology.
Its 4 piece construction makes it ideal for the mobile angler, or for those that simply want to store their rods in a car boot.
It manages all this with a transport length of only 109cm, ensuring it can fit neatly in even the smallest of car boots.
Ideal for specimen carp, hard fighting barbel in big rivers, predator fishing or even modest sized catfish, the antelope is perfect for the space conscious specimen angler that wants highest quality and performance.
The Antelope is a fantastic option for the angler who likes to keep their rod on them at all times in case the chance for a quick bank session arises at short notice.

Latest generation High modulus & Low resin carbon blank

The rod blank is constructed out of super strong, ultra-durable, high response and lightweight carbon fibre mixed of 40T and 30T, reinforced with great-looking 3K woven carbon throughout.
This latest high modulus carbon blank provides a super sharp rod recovery to neutral which will make it easy casting out big leads and PVA bags.
This rod has a parabolic action which loads progressively to the tip with extra power in the butt section,
and it is a real all-rounders that are equally as comfortable casting long distances with loaded PVA bags, or being used at short range.
The blank is going to maintain its action and power over numerous years despite casting out hundreds of heavy solid PVA bags.
Thanks to Anti-Twist technology you will notice by feeling the lack of blank twist rotation especially in casting and fighting with big carp.
This technology improves line flow and accuracy during distance casting.

antelope 4.1m 3.75lb 4pc flagship carp rod

The power of 3.75lb

The power of 3.75lb test curve makes this rod a real beast of a rod.
Perfect for casting 3.5oz to 6.5oz leads, tt is suited to the carp anglers who have used long range rods before or anglers who fish larger waters or weedy & snaggy venues that needs the extra power.
Casting a 4oz lead over 150m on larger venues can be easily achieved with this rod.
With a more compressible butt and a more powerful tip, this rod is perfectly suited to casting long ranges.
At the same time, its action is nice fish-playing action you don't need to anxious about the reduction of the fun due to using a powerful rod.

antelope 4.1m 3.75lb 4pc flagship carp rod

Fuji black DPS reel seat for extra performance, strength & durability

Furnished with cosmetically matching Fuji black DPS reel seat, this rod will balance perfectly with any big pit & bait-runner reels.

line clip of 4pc carp rod ANTELOPE 13ft6in 3.75lb

Line-friendly 3K woven carbon line clip

Double leg Fuji K-Guides with black Alconite throughout

Fuji K guides are "tangle free"; they are highly practical in terms of minimising the risk of wrap-arounds.
The Alconite rings are incredibly durable, hardwearing, and resistant to even the hardest and fastest of casts.

Clear coated 3K woven carbon handle and Gunmetal butt end cap

Not only "good-looking", but also easy to keep clean by washing unlike cork or shrink tube

antelope 4.1m 3.75lb 4pc flagship carp rod


•Length (m) / 4.1
•Transport Length (cm) / 109
•Weight (g)/ 500
•Number of Sections / 4
•ferrule / Put-over
•Guides / 7
•lb / 3.75
•Tip diameter (mm) / 3.4
•Butt diameter (mm) / 18.4
•Blank Material / Carbon 99%