air goliath 8400 Japanese long fixed line rod for big salmon and steelhead

AIR GOLIATH 8400 - Japanese long fixed line rod for Salmon & other monsters - Perfect for salmon fishing

The AIR GOLIATH 8400 has been designed as a heavy duty long fixed line rod ("tenkara style" rod) for salmon, Hucho perryi, steelhead and carp. This rod is a Japanese Honryu-zao, which is used like a "whip" in Europe but its target is large trout and salmon, not small roach or minnow.
Honryu-zao is supported by Japanese latest fishing carbon technology, for it needs both extreme lightness and strength.

You will find you can fight with salmon, steelhead and even carp using this long rod and it will give you great pleasure you have never experienced, that you catch a large fish without a reel.
Using TORAY's 40T carbon blanks which is used for Japanese high-end Honryu-zao priced around $1000, the AIR GOLIATH 8400 has real value for money and unbeatable performance.

Attention: This pole is Honryu-zao, different from what is called "Pole" of coarse fishing in Europe. Honryu-zao is like what they call "whip", but it is longer and stronger and its target is mainly trout and salmon, sometimes used for carp or even sea fishing such as Asian sheepshead wrasse.


•Stiff butt blanks for large salmon and steel head
•Lightweight and Powerful TORAY 40T carbon blanks
•Anti-twist carbon construction
•Black flat coated blanks
•Dramatically reduced moment of inertia compared to RUDOW8500 or other similar rods
•Top end of each section reinforced with 3K woven carbon
•Strong long coated lily yarn
•"Strip grip (without anti-slip coating) for keeping off bad smell of baits
•Metal top cap and butt cap
•Stylish design
•Supplied with elastic rod bag


•Length (m) / 8.38
•Transport Length (cm) / 135.5
•Weight (g)/ 450
•Number of Sections / 8 (telescopic)
•Tip diameter (mm) / 2.1
•Butt diameter (mm) / 26
•Line (lb) / from 12 up to 40
•Blank Material / Carbon 99%