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Speedia Centrepin by W R Products Ltd. (Used)


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This item is vintage and is a Used item.

This is a vintage center pin reel “Speedia” made by WR Products in UK.
This Speedia is as popular as Allcocks’ Aerial, which is the king of vintage center pin reels in the world today.
It is especially popular among barbel anglers, and pieces in good condition are extremely hard to find.

Although this reel dates from the mid-1900s, the internal mechanism is in good condition, and the rotation lasts for more than a minute, which is comparable to the rotation performance of current models of JW Young.
As you can see in the pictures, there is some paint peeling on the sides and reel foot, and one of the handle knobs is slightly chipped, but there are no practical problems at all and the reel is in very good condition considering its age. The inside of the reel with the spool removed is in very good condition with almost no damage to the paint.
The spool can be removed with a single touch and has a fine adjustment screw in the center to adjust the spool rotation. (The spool has been adjusted to the best spinning condition at the time of shipment, so adjustment is usually not necessary for the time being.)
The loud clicker, which is one of Speedia’s features, is designed to be easily turned on and off with one hand, and is very functional.

This is a great reel for both collection and actual fishing.
Versatile 4″ narrow spool. There is no line guard, so it is easy to wallis cast and can be used for both left-handed and right-handed fishing.


Diameter: 103mm Spool diameter: 100mm
Body width: 29mm
Spool width: 16mm
Dead Weight: 193g