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J.W.Young Rapidex (Black) Vintage Centepin Reel (Used)


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This item is vintage and is a Used item.

This is a vintage centerpin reel by J.W.Young of England.
Although this reel is from the mid-1900s, the internal mechanism is in good condition, and the rotation is very smooth, turning for 40 to 50 seconds maximum. As you can see in the video, the spinning start is light, and the reel spins well with just a touch. We think it is good enough for a vintage center pin reel.
As you can see in the picture, there are some paint peeling on the back side, but most of the paint remains on the surface and we think it is in pretty good condition for its age. The logo plate is still in place and the inside of the spool is also in good condition with no noticeable damage.

The spool can be removed with one-touch operation, and like the current J.W.Young’s advanced models, it has a fine adjustment screw to adjust the spool’s rotation. While most of the current models are open-spoke, this model is of the closed-spoke type, which was introduced by J.W.Young a long time ago in several models. The most popular models are SELDEX, TRUDEX, and RAPIDEX.
This reel also has a line guard for comfortable use in windy conditions.

This is a great reel for both collection and actual fishing, and is a great example of J.W. Young’s technology.
The narrow spool and easy-to-handle size are also attractive.

Diameter: 100mm
Body width: 26mm
Spool width: 14mm
Weight: 203g