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J.W.Young BJ centerpin reel Bob James model (New)


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This is a center pin reel manufactured by J.W.Young in the U.K. The “BJ” = “Bob James” model was designed by Bob James, a British course fishing legend, based on the concept of a highly versatile center pin optimized for wallis casting.

The body has been designed to be extremely lightweight and beautiful, and wallis casting can be done comfortably.
The spool is wide, which is useful when using thicker line or when you need more line capacity to catch big fish.

This model is specially designed for casting wallis, so a line guard is not included.
This reel is known for its lightweight spool with low inertia, which makes it easy to do wallis casting.

If anything, this model is suited for trotting for large fish.
In North America, it is also used for float fishing for steelhead.
The spool can be removed with one-touch operation, and it has a fine adjustment screw to adjust the spool rotation.

It is a true gem for your collection.


Diameter: 4.5 inches (111mm)
Body width: 39mm
Spool width: 24mm
Dead weight: 234g
With 2 ball bearings

Serial number certificate included
J.W.Young original reel pouch included
Comes in a cosmetic box

The cosmetic box may have some wear and tear due to importation. Please be aware of this in advance.

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