CARP RANGE Baiting spoon XL & Handle set


The combo of Baiting Spoon XL and Lightweight Carbon Composite Handle for short range baiting (off a boat or baiting the nearside margin)

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The set of an extra large baiting spoon and a light-weight yet super-strong carbon composite handle with EVA grip. The spoon can be screwed into most of other manufacturers’ landing net handle. Ideal for all short to medium range work.

Made from tough high impact plastic to last a lifetime.
Perfect for use with anything from particle baits like hemp seed or boilies
Standard thread fits any landing net handle.
Length = 26cm x 7cm x 6cm
Colour: Olive Green.

Made of carbon composite Lightweight – ideal for fast & efficient mass baiting from boat or bank side.
EVA anti-slip grip
Metal butt end cap
Carrying cord
Length = 27cm

The total weight of the set = Approx. 183g