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Adcock Stanton Centerpin Reel 4.5″ (Used)


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This item is a Used item.
The rotation is smooth enough, but the spool is stuck and cannot be removed. When the screw cover on the surface is removed, the contents of the bearing can be seen as shown in the photo. Of course, there is no problem for normal use, but for this reason, the price is lower than the normal price.

This is a 4.5″ version of the Adcock-Stanton centerpin reel from the UK.
It has a classic vintage style appearance, but is relatively new in age, estimated to be from around the 1990s. It is believed to be the predecessor to the current “Retro” reel model. ( It is a modern high-end center pin reel in terms of features and performance.

The aluminum body has some light white rust, minor scratches and lines, and the brass spool has some brass rust, but this gives the reel a moderate vintage look and is very atmospheric. The spool edge is grooved to prevent slipping even with wet hands.

This reel is robust and sturdy compared to the open spoke type. If you take good care of this reel, you can expect it to last for more than 50 years.

About Adcock Stanton Reels

Spool diameter: 113mm
Body width: 32mm
Spool width: 18mm
weight: 264g

Some signs of use, but the reel case shown in the photo is included.