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About us

ito fishing

As a Japanese fishing rod brand, POLE&LINE was established in 2008. We were originally a imported fishing tackle shop, even now we are also running the shop named “LEEL”.

In Japan, recently European style carp fishing is so popular, while Japanese Tenkara fishing is getting popularity in North America.

Our aim is such cultural exchange of fishing world, we hope you will find great joy and pleasure with our Japanese style products you have never seen before.

Our main products is Honryu-zao, Japanese long fishing pole for trout and salmon.We introduce this superb fishing pole to the world. We also sell our European style carp rod which is originally for the Japanese market. The rod for wels catfish is also what we are focusing on now. Our high-end catfish rod “EQUES” is a real all-rounder for any monster,from wels catfish,aprapaima to tuna and GT.
Our float fishing tackle range, BoeCen is the only brand for centrepin fishing in Japan. Our flagship float rod, FLOATANIA is perfect for big salmon. We also sell our totally original quiver rod bag, THE QUIVER 5 for carp & feeder fishing.